Wednesday, August 3, 2011

News: Episodes 1-4 have been re-issued!

If you are following this blog, you have probably already listened to the first four or five episodes of this podcast.

I recently listened to those old episodes and sort of cringed at the production quality and the pace of my speaking.  I like to think that my production skills have improved somewhat since those early days-- my equipment is certainly much better now-- and I wondered if I might have scared off some proportion of my listeners with those first few episodes.

Therefore, I decided to re-record them to bring them up to the quality of our later episodes.  I also took the opportunity to edit and include more information than was in the original recordings.

Episode 5 could also use some improvement, so in the coming weeks I will also release a new recording of that episode.

I simply replaced the old .mp3 files with a new one of the same name.  If you decide you'd like to hear the new version, but it still sounds like the old one, it may be the cache on your computer is holding onto the old file.  You may need to clear your browser cache files to get past that problem.

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  1. The podcast was recommended by Shoba Narayan in the Mint Lounge. I have read the Rajagopalachari version and the television series is etched in my memory! But your podcasts have a philosophical quality and narrative immediacy that is rare! Also love your interest in and yet irreverence towards the epic! Keep them coming!