Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Episode 93 - The Ashwamedha Sacrifice

Episode 93 - The white horse returns home, only to be tied to a post, killed, & cut up into little pieces.  The priests do their best to follow the old rules, but there's no way Draupadi is going to pretend to copulate with a dead horse!

Jump ahead 15 years and Dhrtarastra finally decides to take leave of worldly cares, and he, Gandhari, & Kunti leave for a forest ashram.  One year after that, the Pandavas and many citizens pay a visit to the old folks, where Vyasa allows them all to re-unite with their fallen relatives and friends.

While some of the early books went on endlessly, the last few books of the epic are quite short, and we are going through about one book an episode at this point-- the story is nearly over!

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  1. Yo man I just wanted to point out that the Vedas are known as the shruti or spoken it was indeed by lord Vishnu at begging of time when Brahma was born vyasa divided it into four parts at the end of dvapar Yuga as he knew no one in Kali would be able to master all the billions of verses
    Rig Veda - mastery given to Jaimini
    Yajur Veda - vaishampayana etc.
    Nice work wid da podcast bro