Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Episode 87 - Rama's Famous Genocide

Episode 87 - Yuddistira is finally convinced that he should remain king, and he gets down to business.  He marches straight to the palace and has himself anointed and consecrated.  He appoints his council and gets his kingdom in order.  As soon as he has a chance to catch his breath, Krishna suggests that they hurry over to uncle Bhisma, who isn't long for this world.

Along the way, Krishna tells the story of Battleaxe Rama, who wiped out the race of Kshatriyas 21 times in succession.

The podcast may be taking something of a hiatus after this episode.  We are now entering the section of the Mahabharata that is dedicated to Bhisma's teaching on Dharma.  This constitutes nearly one-third of the entire text, and from what I've seen so far, is extremely legalistic and detailed.  This means I will need to pour over a lot of text to extract enough information to make a full episode.  That may take a while.

On the positive side, once we are through this section of Bhisma's teachings, we are almost at the end of the story!

Thanks for sticking with me on this long journey.  I'll be sure to keep you posted as things develop.  Just keep watching this blog!

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  1. Happy New Year & Thank you 4 such a wonderful podcast , I have listened from episode 1 & will continue to , until the end .
    Thank you for perservering and sticking it through to the end . I have to admit , I did not think you would be able to maintain your consistency & determination to complete this gr8 epic . Wow ! Thank you for doing it so well . May you always be blessed by Srila Krishna Dwaipyana Veda Vyasa & Sri Sri Radha & Krishna .

    Hope you have a great year(s) !
    Mu (South Africa)