Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Episode 88 - The Book of Peace

Episode 88 - This episode begins the voluminous Last Teachings of Bhisma.  As Bhisma lies on his bed of arrows, the Pandavas, Krishna & Satyaki gather around to listen.  Yuddistira poses the questions, which mostly revolve around Dharma and kingship, and Bhisma answers.

These teachings are exceptionally difficult to convey in the form of a podcast, mostly because they are so boring.  There are very few stories, and most of the stories revolve around conversations in which one character instructs the other on good behavior.  I have tried to extract the more interesting details from the book, and I included the most interesting of the stories.  Hopefully this is enough to convey the nature of this part of the epic, which makes up nearly a third of the entire text!


  1. Whatever you produced from Book of Peace was very interesting to hear. waiting for more. you are doing great work.

    I am wondering what would you pick once this Mahabharata Podcast is done. there is so much in Sanskrit literature or may be next great epic Ramayana, Will look forward to listen Ramayana from you the new Ved Vyasa or Valmiki of our time :)

  2. Thank you. At this point, what I'm thinking of doing after finishing the Mahabharata is to do a supplement of episodes in which I plan to go back to the story of the Ramayana that is in the Mahabharata. I'm not sure if I'll try to compare it with the Valmiki version or not. That might take some work!

  3. Hi Lawrence,
    The content of the podcast and the way its been organised to make the whole picture of Mahabharata is ultimate. I really liked the podcast. I have the pdf but have no time to read it(1000+ pages). You did it for all.

    Atul Ingale

  4. One more to place on my list of Mahabharata readings. I have also placed my literary tow into the eternal waters of the great epic by writing a fictional novel based on true stories, one of which is the story of the Mahabharata.